Divorce Mediation in Worcester, Massachusetts

Simplify your divorce by using the divorce mediation services of the Law Office of Michelle M. Hansen in Worcester, Massachusetts. Ms. Hansen has worked with hundreds of couples through the divorce process, and her family law experience will prove invaluable to you and your family.

Advantages of Mediation

Mediation is a tool that can be used to resolve a number of divorce and post-divorce issues, including child custody, child support, children's parenting plans, modifications of court orders and modifications of judgments. With the help of Attorney Hansen, mediation will allow you and your partner to design a divorce agreement that the two of you can agree upon.

  • Reduced Cost - In the mediation process, you will only pay the mediator's hourly rate instead of each of you paying for separate divorce attorneys.  Also, you will avoid paying for the many hours of legal representation that will occur while you wait for your case to be called on the day(s) of your hearings.  Generally speaking, mediated divorces are completed at a fraction of the cost of traditional litigated divorces.
  • No Retainer Required - Traditional legal representation generally requires each party to pay a retainer to their attorney. Retainer amounts in Worcester County are completely dependant on each attorney's requirements, the complexity of the case, the number of legal issues involved, the anticipated amount of discovery required and the estimate of court hearings necessary as well as the possibility of a trial. For all of those reasons, the general range often begins at $2,500.00 and can be upwards of $10,000.00 per retainer.

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  • Reduced Stress - With mediation you will be able to proceed in the confidential process of mediation without the added stress of appearing in multiple court hearings that will require you to spend several hours in the Courthouse.
  • Increased Privacy -  You will not have to discuss your private family situation in numerous public Court hearings.
  • Reduced Time - Traditional divorce and other family law actions are scheduled by the Courts according to specified time standards.  Mediation often allows individuals to be excused from those time standards.

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