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Divorce Litigation Practice

Attorney Michelle M. Hansen handles all types of divorce, contested and uncontested, and she understands that your case is extremely important to your future.  Attorney Hansen will provide practical and realistic solutions to your legal issues.  Each family law case presents a unique set of circumstances and yet all have common issues regarding the division of property, debt and asset allocation, retirement fund distributions, health insurance coverage, relocation questions, alimony or spousal support; and if there are children of the marriage, the issues of physical and legal custody, child support, parenting time or visitation, the child's health insurance and uninsured medical bills, children's extracurricular fees and college tuitions, etc.

Prenuptial & Marital Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements and Marital Agreements can be an effective way to plan for your future and your family's future.  Contray to public opinion, Prenuptial Agreements are not only for the wealthy.  A Prenuptial Agreement can protect a family's business, provide for the financial future of pre-existing children and outline a clear understanding of each individual's rights and responsibilities if the marriage should end.  In recent years, the Massachusetts laws have changed and the Courts now enforce agreements married couples have made to one another during the term of the marriage.  With both Prenuptial Agreements and Marital Agreements, the law requires many specific terms and conditions in order for the Agreements to be enforceable.  Attorney Michelle M. Hansen has many years of legal experience in the formation and enforcement of Prenuptial and Marital Agreements and she can assist you with these Agreements.

Modifications of a Divorce Judgment

Depending on the specific circumstances of your divorce as well as your current situation, Attorney Michelle M. Hansen is available to review your divorce judgment and your divorce or separation agreements and help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities. In some circumstances, a modification or change, is a legal remedy that may be available to you.


Massachusetts law regarding marriage and divorce has changed significantly in the past few years. You may have heard that there is a new law regarding alimony that it sets out specific durational terms of the alimony obligation as well as four (4) different types of alimony depending on specific circumstances of the marriage. If you have a current alimony obligation and have questions as to how the new law could be applied to your case, you should call Attorney Michelle M. Hansen. If you are contemplating a divorce, you should discuss your financial future with an experienced lawyer. Attorney Michelle M. Hansen works with clients everyday to help them understand alimony in their divorce situation.

Divorce Papers

Same Sex Marriage

With the advent of change in the Massachusetts laws allowing gay and lesbian couples the equal right to marry; so too those couples now share in the laws pertaining to divorce. For gay and lesbian couples, the issue of many years of cohabitation prior to the marriage takes on additional significance as often these couples have purchased real estate, bought cars, furnished homes etc. but prior to the Goodridge v. Commonwealth of MA decision, they were not allowed the ownership and property division rights of a married couple. For gay and lesbian couples, the number of years they have lived together may be a critical factor in the division of assets and liabilities. Also, married gay and lesbian couples have questions about continued health insurance coverage, their rights in the retirement funds of their spouse as well as parenting, child custody and child support issues.

Attorney Michelle M. Hansen has represented gay and lesbian couples in all matters of family law, including adoptions and co-parent adoptions, and she welcomes you to contact her for all of your family law issues.


If you are faced with the situation where your former spouse or partner is not following a Court Order or Judgment, you may be able to enforce the Court Order or Judgment through the filing of a Complaint for Contempt. The contempt complaint can refer to a temporary order or a final Judgment concerning parenting time, child support, visitation, custody, health insurance coverage, reimbursement of uninsured medical bills, distribution of property such as real estate, retirement funds and/or money.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Filing - Does it matter who files for the divorce first?
  • Protection of Rights -  Am I giving up any of my rights to support or property by waiting to file?
  • Types of Divorce - What are the differences between a contested and an uncontested divorce?
  • Jurisdiction and Venue - Does it matter which Court I file in?
  • Time Requirements - How long will it take to get my divorce in Massachusetts?
  • Removal and Relocation - How far away can I move with our children? When do I need permission from the Court?
  • Jurisdiction - If I was married in another State, can I still get divorced in Massachusetts?
  • Cost - How much will it cost for me to get divorced?

Answeres to Your Questions

Answers to all of your questions depend on your specific circumstances and cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. Schedule a legal consultation with Attorney Michelle M. Hansen so that you may begin to get the correct answers to your family law questions.


Whether you choose to proceed along the traditional method of litigation or you would like to learn more about how mediation can resolve your family law issues, Attorney Michelle M. Hansen will work tirelessly to help you achieve the best results possible.

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