Child Custody and Child Support in Worcester, Massachusetts

Massachusetts laws concerning child custody and child support are constantly changing and you will benefit from the advice of Attorney Michelle M. Hansen to protect your rights and the rights of your children.  The Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines have been recently updated and there are many changes that could affect the amount of child support you receive or the amount you are obligated to pay in child support.  The revised Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines include changes regarding the calculation of income of both the recipient and payor, changes in the calculation based on the percentage of parenting time, credits for health insurance payments, shared custody payments, changes in the determination of the emancipation of a child  and the length of child support payments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Child Custody - What are the differences between legal and physical child custody?
  • Joint Custody, Sole Custody, Shared Custody - What do these mean and how do they affect my rights as a parent?
  • Changes in Child Custody - Is it possible to change the custody of my children?  What does it involve to change a child custody order?
  • Child Support - Who pays?  How much?  For how long? Can the amount change? How is it collected?  Can't we just make our own agreement?  How can I get help in collecting child support?  I lost my job-can I change my child support?  What happens if I am in arrears in child support?  What kind of child support enforcement actions are allowed?  And when do they go into effect?
  • Parenting Time / Visitation - Is there a different amount of child support depending on how much time my children are spending with me?  Do we really need an agreement regarding parenting time?  Who decides the holiday, birthday and vacation schedules?  What if my child doesn't want to spend time with his/her mother/father?  What if the other parent doesn't show up for their scheduled parenting time?  How do I get the parenting time schedule changed?
  • Health insurance - Who pays the child's health insurance?  Can I change who pays the child's health insurance?  Does the payment of the health insurance premium affect the amount of child support paid?
  • Education - Who pays the educational costs of the children and how much? For how long?
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